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We all use at least one app to chat with our friends and family or even to discuss some quick business matters. Since a lot personal information can be mentioned there, it is of high importance to secure them and make sure they don't get in the wrong hands. It will stun you when you realize has a higher level of security then some of the most used services in the business. How funny it is having your sexy and romantic talk to beautiful ladies more secured than private information and identity. But how serious is the problem and is there a way to be 100% sure no one else will read our messages?

If you are feeling at risk then make sure you don't use any widely available services, as Facebook Chat or Messenger and even WhatsApp, although the last one does end - to - end encryption. You can still use Live Sex Chat, because you won't share there any private information, nor the site will require any of you. What makes Facebook unreliable is that it often refuses to talk about the security of their services. But the privacy on instant messaging is an important thing, so they won't get out of it so easily. What can be done to protect you is to encrypt your messages, but this is the least thing. After that they can ensure no log information, like nicknames, passwords etc. is saved and if they do it, then the period of how long it is saved is also important. The shorter - that better, but Facebook often saves them for 90 days, and even after this period the data can be found on their servers. Many people tend to say is much more secure than their chat, but we use it only when we are lonely and need an interesting talk to a beautiful lady.

WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging service and app, it has over 1 billion users, but they don't do their best. Well it has end - to - end encryption, so that only the ones who send and receive can read the text. But every encryption is decryptable, which makes it alone not enough. What this app does, but what is wrong is that it uses and collects a lot of you personal data, your identity and other stuff. And at the end this app is a Facebook owned company so it uses their systems as well.

One of the most secure services and best ones when it comes to privacy on instant messaging is Whistle. It is not a widely popular one, which makes it even more secure, for business people, valuable information transfer or even dirty talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. But still you can use to get that, although it is not as secure as the Whistle app. It uses two ways of encryption, doesn't save any of your data on any server and uses no personal information, nor takes your identity. In addition to this they are totally free and have no hidden costs within the app, just like Live Sex Chat websites. But the difference is that on those websites you can meet beautiful ladies and talk to them whenever you want.

AOL Instant Messenger is also a quite good choice, if you have no need for top high security, but still want your messages secure to some point. Apple uses this service, so their apps are also quite secure, at least when you compare them to Facebook services.

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