Privacy-centered instant messaging.

Why you need to use

People love knowing they are protected and that the privacy of instant messaging services they use is 100% the best there is. But with WhatsApp being the most popular one worldwide it is not that fact. Once intelligence leaks about people who care about it much bigger interest will be for highly secure instant messaging services. is one of them, this service offers a high, multi - layer security system with two encryptions. They use both state - of - the - art end - to - end encryption, which makes them in this aspect twice as secure as other popular ones. Whistle is also a instant messaging service that hardly requires any permissions from your phone, such as your identity or your contacts list. This is really important, because all the permissions you give to other services and apps will allow them to use any of your information and some even can use your microphone and camera whenever they want. So that is security and privacy protection on a whole different level.

If you read the Privacy Policy you will see that does not use any of your identity information. That means it won't save your name, address nor location on one of their servers, despite many other services do that. Using cookies can really harm your privacy, and as you can see almost every website uses them today.

And most importantly, Whistle does not save your IP address and therefore does not have any intelligence of your location. When deleting your account, your keys and contacts will be immediately deleted and this process is not reversible, so that no one, you we, or any third party can get those information. But they are not connected to your identity, so that it is not of big importance.