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Provillus is one of the few hair loss treatments on the market to gain only positive reviews from more than 97% of its total number of users. This impressive support from its consumers proves that the efficiency of this remedy for balding is undeniably high. People who were struggling to grow new threads have managed to regain their full mane after just six months of daily intake. Both men and women were able to cover their bald spots and strengthen the roots of their thinning locks in record time and without experiencing any adverse side effects.

How does Provillus cure alopecia?

Alopecia areata is a medical condition that affects the follicles on your body by placing them in a dormant and unproductive state. The worse effect of this ailment can be best observed on the head of the sufferer, who sees his hairline receding fast. To combat this illness you need a hair loss remedy that is rich in both minoxidil and herbal oils. Provillus is the only successful solution for shedding due to its unique formula of these two ingredients, coupled with vitamins and minerals. By using this treatment for balding on a constant basis you manage to get rid of alopecia in a safe and natural way.

Another bothersome condition that causes your hair to fall out is the male pattern baldness (MPB). This disease affects only men and it is usually the cause of genetic and hormonal disorders. Just a few years ago, it was widely considered that this illness is incurable and permanent. However, since its release, Provillus has managed to save thousands of men from gradual shedding and helped them regain their lost locks. Almost 68% of the male consumers that reversed the balding symptoms were suffering from MPB. In less than three months of use, most of them had covered the bald spots on their scalps, and in little over six months, they could boast a head full of thick, luscious threads.

Customer reviews that testify this cure baldness

Social media plays a big part in our modern lives. Almost everything that happens to us, good or bad, is a reason for sharing with others. Provillus is not only a highly efficient remedy for hair loss, it is also a reason for people who are struck by this medical condition to come together and share their stories. Testimonials that belong to the ones who managed to revive their scalp follicles and grow new threads show just how difficult it is to lose your mane.

A recent survey made among our consumers showed that over 80% of the patients who successfully regained the health of their follicles recommended this product to other people. Little by little, shedding can become a thing of the past if men and women that struggle with balding symptoms find out the true power of this hair regrowth treatment. Provillus encourages the former hair loss sufferers to take to the internet and discuss their journey from baldness to a complete regrowth of their crowning glory. Consider the consumer reviews and get your treatment from Provillus app!